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It’s Hard to Be Great When You’re An Outsider.

The M&A world is saturated with generalists – people who know a little bit about everything. Continuous 100-hour work weeks and toxic work environments are commonplace. In the end, the only thing that is constant is the burnout, the stress, and the employee turnover.

At Anchor Peabody, we’ve engineered a better way as industry specialists, and we use this to be efficient and effective.

Our focus allows us to never have to reinvent the wheel with imperfect information and hope we got it right. Instead, we focus all of our time aligning with the right clients and figuring out how to get the most for them in every deal.

We work smarter

Having an industry focus offers us efficiencies at every step of the process which others do not have. Our 100% virtual model gives us cost efficiencies and maximum flexibility to enhance employee satisfaction.

The Traditional Model

Generalists who know a little bit about everything and usually have to take some time getting to know the players in the deal.

Focused on themselves above all else and may put the financing of the transaction or buyers above the interests of the client and/or be ambivalent about the outcome.

Bankers have an institutional presence and work in brick and mortar offices.

Poor Positioning – Co-mingles M&A with other less profitable financial services

The Anchor Peabody Model

We’re building industry specialists who foster relationships with the premier families, executives, and companies long before a transaction is ever in market.

We do what is right. We put our people in a position, and back them up, to do what is in our client’s best interests.

Our bankers work virtually, a more efficient model for bankers and clients alike.

We’re properly positioned with a singular focus on sell-side M&A.

Being here is different.

We believe in developing happy, smart, fresh, and free-thinking bankers leads to outsized results for clients.

We also believe our employees’ personal and professional lives are intrinsically tied.

We pursue extreme employee satisfaction through our four core employee values.

1. Live Your Life

Anchor Peabody is 100% virtual, enabling you to spend time doing more valuable things than commuting. We don’t need “protected weekends” because we strive to maintain a healthy balance of personal and professional time every day of the week. This includes working nights and weekends as the exception, not the rule. It is expected (and encouraged) that you take time off to reflect and refresh.

2. Be Healthy

For us, this is a no-brainer: Our employees are at their best when there is a commitment to maintaining and improving their mental and physical health. Anchor Peabody will do everything we can to support you in all aspects of your life, including gold-plated health care plan, with no premiums or deductibles. Our PTO policy is unlimited, and we provide generous maternity/paternity leave. We bring passion to everything we do, but always manage to keep the pressure light – even when the stakes are high.

3. Build Wealth

We believe in a culture of building personal wealth, so you don’t have to worry about the impact of deal-by-deal economics. Anchor Peabody offers industry-leading compensation with an extraordinary bonus/high variable component which is not ambiguous, or tied to other areas of the bank. Bonus criteria is transparent, and bonuses are uncapped. Our vision is to bring our long-term employees in as co-owners of the business, and we provide the coaching and mentorship to help you reach this milestone.

4. Be Great

Everything we do is geared to help our employees be the best versions of themselves, and have extraordinary lives, so that they can help our clients achieve extraordinary outcomes. We demand unwavering integrity that puts the client first – every time – and in turn we celebrate thoughtful, intellectual risk taking in pursuit of extraordinary outcomes for them. No one is cannon fodder at Anchor Peabody. We identify and play to the strengths of our employees at every level, and we believe this business is just as much yours as it is ours.

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